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Confidently Navigate Change with Personalized Support & Skills to Live Life Better Than Before. 


You had a plan for your 20s and 30s, but things are unravelling. What do you need support with right now?

Anxiety & Burnout

Does everyone seem to be more advanced and sorted out than you? Does the bar for success keep moving further and further out of reach? Is your life constantly changing and you never get a break? Do thoughts and feelings make you feel sick sometimes? Let’s work to help you identify and prioritize what’s important to you right now and set boundaries so that you no longer max out your capacity. You’ll develop skills that you can rely on to help you feel grounded, confident, and secure even when things aren’t perfect or according to plan.


Romantic Relationships

Are you struggling to set expectations for what you want right now? Are you unsure of the next right move for you and your partner? Do you wonder if something is wrong with you because of how you feel? You deserve a safe space where there is no judgment or shame and someone to support you in identifying what you really want next and decide on any changes you need to get there.


Work-Life Balance


You dreamed of this career. But now you work longer and harder while your confidence and motivation are tanking. You wonder if something is wrong with you or your choices but there’s no backtracking now because people (and you) expect things! There is another option. I will support you to assess your needs, establish boundaries, manage expectations, and confidently advocate for yourself. You can start enjoying your work and life without compromise. 




Do you feel that no one gets what you’re going through as a new momnot even those who have babies of their own? Becoming a new parent can often trigger your childhood history, adding an unexpected layer of complexity to an already exhausting time. I want you to know that it is normal to miss your old self and feel like you don’t recognize this version. But you don’t have to go through this change alone. You want to be the best you can be for your family, and you deserve someone who can be there for you and support you in doing so. Discover the best version of yourself in this new role–and independent of it.


Adulting Made Simple

Do you keep waiting for life to get easier as you get older, but it only seems to become more challenging? Has your thinking changed about the life you want, but you’re still unsure how to pursue this path you didn’t prepare for? Do you wonder if something is wrong with you because of how you feel? 

Talking about it can help you understand how to make choices that align with you and your needs. Adulthood is just starting and now is the time to start making yourself the priority. This skill will become a habit and serve you for many decades to come so you can live with a renewed sense of energy and purpose even through change.


You can make time for you. 


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