Women’s Mental Health

Let me guess…

At first, you loved the hustle and bustle of having everything on your plate. Sometimes getting everything done seemed like an impossible task, but that sense of accomplishment once it was all done was like no other feeling in the world. 

You even offered to take on extra tasks whether it be making dinner every night while also taking the kids to their extracurricular, and cooking. At the office, you’d volunteer to take on extra tasks or put in extra hours because hey, climbing up the ladder  was important to you. In your social life, you would often host backyard dinner parties which you would never dare to have catered.  

Whether it was because of a change in relationship status, the birth of a child, you feeling more anxious or not enjoying the things you used to love anymore, a change in career, just getting older, or just being fed up that it has all fallen on your shoulder, you are ready to get rid of some of the load. But that leaves one burning question, HOW??



Imagine this.

Imagine what it would feel like to feel like yourself true again, to no longer feel overwhelmed, and to feel a renewed sense of joy and fulfilment in your relationships. Best of all, to feel confident in your ability to successfully handle whatever is thrown your way, because we all know that life doesn’t always go according to our plans. As terrifying as it was, letting go of some of the things you were working so hard to desperately control has left you feeling less anxious, more peaceful, and all-around happier. You have learned that it is ok to say no sometimes and that doesn’t like you lazy, selfish, or not a team player.  

I will help you feel create more balance and structure in your life by helping you figure out what is important to you and create a life that reflects that. Together, we will create ways to build you back up to where you want to be. 

In counselling, you will learn about the meaning and importance of self-care (and actually doing it regularly!), how to create boundaries and keep them, give up on perfectionism because let’s be honest, stop comparing yourself to those around you (we all have our own strengths and challenges!). Whether, you have anxiety, depression, feelings of incompetence, or grief that is further bringing you down, we will tackle those as well.



Are you ready to make yourself a priority once again?

Change is right around the corner.

Q. At what point do women decide they need help?

Great question! I will answer that it completely depends on the person. Some women may need some extra support when they move out of the house while others are managing just fine until the birth of their first child or when their children are moving out of the house. What I can tell you is that common life cycles where people could use some extra support include:



Moving out of the house

Premarital or marital

The birth of your first child

Adding new children into the family

Striking the balance between home life and work life

Career disatisfaction



Job transitions

Moving cities



Better Days Counselling & Psychotherapy helps individuals overcome the feeling that everything is coming apart at the seams in order to restore their sense balance and sense of self. My passion is to work with women coping with women’s mental health issues  and help indivudals feel empowered to successfully navigate life transitions.


Briana Goldberg

Registered Psychotherapist Qualifying

Better Days Counselling & Psychotherapy | Ontario, Canada