Couples Counselling

Have you been wondering where all of the love and passion went in your relationship? When you first got together, you were sure that you were soulmates, but now you are wondering who this stranger next to you is. Whether you can barely be in the same room as one another without erupting into a full-blown argument, are trying to process a regrettable incident, or have radio silence between you and your partner, it is possible to reignite the sense of love and passion that you are hoping to regain.

Have things been “status quo” but you think that you might benefit from working on an unresolved argument, improving communication, regaining a sense of unity, or even improving your sex life? Whatever it might be that you are experiencing in your relationship, couples counselling has the potential to make you feel giddy about your relationship again.

What does Couples Counselling Look Like?

There are four components to individual counselling. The first is an intake session where you will be asked a bunch of questions about what has brought you to counselling, the history of the concern, background information about your relationship as well as your family history. In the second session, I will meet with each partner individually and will give you a chance to express how you feel about the relationship, as well as share your prior relationship experiences, your expectations for counselling, and provide any family history that is relevant to the counselling. Following this session, you will be asked to complete questionaries to provide a deeper understanding of the problem. The third session will be a feedback session where we will summarize the results of the assessment and develop a treatment plan. Subsequent sessions will work to overcome the challenges that are stopping you from achieving your relationship goals. 

Better Days Counselling & Psychotherapy helps individuals overcome the feeling that everything is coming apart at the seams in order to restore their sense balance and sense of self. My passion is to work with women coping with women’s mental health issues  and help indivudals feel empowered to successfully navigate life transitions.

Briana Goldberg, Registered Psychotherapist Qualifying

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